Eric Herman, MD - Founder

Dr. Herman is passionately committed to the pursuit of "building peace one classroom at a time". He founded iDove in 2013 in order to cultivate a world where children are given the opportunity to learn and practice the art of building peace. Dr. Herman is a family physician practicing in the Seattle area and also serves the the Medical Director of Population Health for Multicare Health Systems. Prior to his career in medicine, he served as an education volunteer in the United States Peace Corps in The Gambia, and additionally holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He is married with two children, enjoys playing music, literature, star gazing, and spending time with his family. Please contact Dr. Herman at

Lainey Sickinger - Management Consultant

Lainey has helped a variety of organizations solve problems and get things done. She has significant experience with strategy development, business process improvement, business system implementation and program leadership. Lainey holds a BA in History from the University of California at Berkeley and an MPA, (emphasis in Healthcare) from the University of Washington. She is currently employed by Point B.

About 15 years ago, upon returning trip from a trip to Asia, I walked around looking at our home and world very differently. I recall thinking that at core, we humans are the same in many ways. We all seek the basics of human dignity, including food, shelter, love and companionship. My husband and I have since agreed to raise our children to respect and seek understanding of all people. When I met Dr. Herman and heard his story, I immediately knew that iDove was one platform to facilitate human communication thereby promote peace. Welcome to iDove!

Robin Slutsky - Non-Profit Development

With over twenty plus years in nonprofit management, Robin Slutsky is a seasoned development professional who has worked with a broad array of clients including those in health and human services, addiction and recovery, the arts, and at the university level. She has a Masters of Nonprofit Management and a Certificate of Nonprofit Organizational Capacity Building from Regis University and a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University. For more information, please visit

Years ago, I had the chance to work with the Friendship Force, a global organization much in the same vein as I Dove. It was a life altering experience as I had the opportunity to observe people from all over the world invite one another into their homes and build understanding and life long relationships. When I was approached by Dr. Herman about I Dove I thought 'What a great idea! Why not start with children?' I am pleased to lend my expertise and advice to this wonderfully imaginative and inspiring program.

Alan Funk - Attorney

A graduate of the University of Willamette's College of Law, Alan has practiced law for over 18 years. Joining Wechsler Becker, LLP, in 2005, Alan’s practice is now focused exclusively on family law. Alan has always enjoyed helping people with a creative approach to problem solving. Alan frequently volunteers with the King County and Washington State Bar Associations, seeking to improve our court system.

I believe great ideas are commonplace. Acting on great ideas is rare. iDove makes it easy to connect with the good intentions of people around the world and build peace one classroom at a time. When Dr. Herman spoke about iDove, his excitement was infectious. I appreciate this opportunity to join Dr. Herman and I can’t wait to see how iDove grows.