Who We Are
iDove is an international network of schools committed to peace.
Founded in 2013 by a physician, Dr. Eric Herman, iDove is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization that provides schools with access to our global network and services regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation.

To provide students around the world a safe and universal resource to learn the art of building peace.
We believe that when a child's academic journey routinely embraces a familiar community of students, schools, and cultures throughout the world, it will produce incredible friendships and mature conflict resolution skills. It is our hope that a generation of students with access to such an opportunity will ultimately build the new foundations for peace.

What We Do
iDove establishes global classroom communities that learn and grow together.
We create communities of about nine age-matched classrooms that participate in fun and thoughtful discussion topics, video conferencing, project collaboration, and future exchange programs. All of our activities fit seamlessly into most school curricula without extra work. Our global classroom communities and educational network are designed with the essential building blocks for peace.

  • A universal vision for peace that takes root within the hearts and minds of our children
  • An international network & platform for schools to connect with other schools around the world.
  • A safe application to build long-term global friendships grounded in healthy conflict resolution skills
  • Reliable access to interpreters and translators to overcome the barriers of language
  • Opportunities for Student exchange programs and video conferencing that offer greater interpersonal connections*
  • Oversight from parents, educational institutions, and iDove.org
  • Charitable goal of providing resources to any interested school*