Value to Schools

The Connections & Resources.
Our network is an exceptional resource, without cost, that seamlessly creates the partnerships and international outreach that otherwise can be challenging to facilitate. iDove's vision was intended to be in alignment with every school throughout the world. Every school provides direct oversight of its own participation, thereby local schools can ensure their involvement is valuable and in support of their goals and objectives. works with our member schools to facilitate the basic technical requirements necessary for participation. As new technological offerings become available, we will work to provide access to those services for all of our members.
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Value To Teachers

Engage your students with children around the world without extra work!
Dedicated teachers around the world apply their talents to meet the rigorous demands and challenges of their students and curricula. iDove recognizes there is precious little time for extra activities regardless of their educational value. This is why iDove was created to fit into almost any curricula without a significant amount of extra work or effort. Our activities are designed to be easily integrated into existing lesson plans and can be creative explored in any manner desired. Meanwhile, the opportunity to share and collaborate with other classrooms around the world offers an unprecedented and exciting way to engage students.
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Value To Students

iDove gives students an amazing opportunity to share ideas and make incredible friendships with children in other countries and cultures. Through the guidance of their schools, students can safely explore their worlds with their classroom community friends. When participating in collaborative assignments, students can express themselves naturally through writing, art, dance, song, recorded interviews, whatever they can imagine. Classrooms can regularly schedule video conferences with other schools and interpreters. In the future, it will be possible to enroll in once in a lifetime exchange programs. These programs will give students the opportunity to attend the very same classrooms they have been learning about for years and develop new foundations for peace never before possible.

Value To Parents

Safe reliable platform for children to explore the new global landscape.
As our world rapidly changes, parents are confronted with challenges never before imagined. The exciting era of global interconnectedness is complex and overwhelming. Frequently we find that technological advances are not necessarily in alignment with the goals and values parents try to impart on their loved ones. With this in mind, iDove strives to provide an extraordinary yet safe classroom community network for our most precious generation of children. An engaging, diverse experience where direct oversight is provided by our schools and parents. iDove offers students incredible to access to greater international awareness, respect for diversity, and meaningful friendships around the world. Of equal importance, we have an stated responsibility to ensure that all activities are in support of the basic human principles of mutual respect and kindness, while upholding the highest standards of internet security.