Learning Center

The learning center is designed to provide immediate access to the resources and services available through the iDove network. It is categorized into two principle groupings:

  1. Classroom Community
    Services that are designed for your school’s personalized partnerships with approximately nine other classrooms around the world. It is intended to more personal and closely knit consistent with a family relationship. Example services include discussion topics, video conferencing, small scale collaborative projects, common references, etc.
  2. iDove Network
    Services available to all communities and members. These are designed to be broad and less personalized, yet effectively providing outreach to the entire international community quickly. Examples include reference libraries, ad-hoc inquiry boards, project discussion boards, resource requests, etc.

Note: In our current stage of development, we are only focusing on classroom community resources. It is our goal to confirm the value and efficient operations of this offering before expanding our scope of services.